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A violin by


Milan, c. 1693

Giovanni Grancino, Milan, c. 1693

This superb violin is the finest example of Grancino's work our firm has encountered. Prior to coming to Bein & Fushi, the violin was in the hands of one of the most distinguished collectors of our time. The instrument was made on Grancino's larger pattern, which has broad arching that produces a brilliant, powerful tone and full palette of colors. While the maker often used inexpensive, plain wood for his instruments, this violin was made with a handsome two-piece back of quarter-cut maple and a table of finely-grained spruce. The attention to detail in the edge work and carving of the f-holes is reminiscent of the work of Nicolò Amati. The records of W.E. Hill & Sons show that the violin was acquired from the Paris firm of Gand & Bernardel in 1874 by a student of Prosper Sainton at the Royal Academy of Music in London. The Hills subsequently sold the instrument three times between 1923 and 1968. We look forward to placing this outstanding Grancino with another esteemed collector or accomplished artist.


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